Looooooong Absence

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Published on: 25/02/2012


Where is Bob

So, it has been a while.  Actually it’s been a long while.  A year to be exact.  So I have been a little busy this past year with some various projects and such, but I am going to be making a comeback in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned…or maybe I’ll just take another year off, who knows.

YouTuber Profile: JacksFilms

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Published on: 26/02/2011

My profile today is on JacksFilms.  Jack represents what YouTube should be, independent filmmakers having fun and using YouTube as a platform to help get exposure.  Jack has a great weird sense of humor which I very much appreciate.  His channel is a collection of Vlog type videos, music parodies, sketch comedy, and some videos which I’m not sure which category they fall into.

Below is one of my favorite videos from his channel.  It is a Dexter parody.  If you are a Dexter fan, you will very much appreciate this video and Jack’s impersonation of Dexter is a little too good.

So check him out if you want a good variety of fun videos.

Mr. Bob’s Oscar Preview

With the 2011 Oscars just around the corner, Mr Bob gives you a preview so you will be able to pick the winners and losers.

YouTuber Review: TheWillofDC

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Published on: 17/02/2011

Okay, I am already breaking my rule because TheWillofDC is not a small YouTuber, but I have a very good reason for profiling him.  I need a little preamble to explain.

YouTube is an amazing place to share creative content with the world.  What used to require the resources of a broadcast studio, can now be accomplished by the average person with an Internet connection.  This causes a flood of new and innovative content because old restrictions and mentalities are no longer an issue.  It’s a very exciting time.  But there is a big downside.  Any YouTuber knows that creating content is a fun, and challenging; however, that content is consumed by an anonymous audience that can respond to it however they want without consequence.  There is a mob mentality that seems to exist on YouTube.  There is so much content on YouTube now, that you are guaranteed to not like all of it.  Instead of not watching videos, the YouTube mob seem to enjoying trying to destroy or manipulate the content, instead of simply moving on to something they will enjoy.

With that said, the reason I am profiling TheWillofDC this week is because in the midst of this negative YouTube beast, TheWillofDC has created a channel based on positivity.  He has a true desire to see the content created by the countless creative individuals out there.  He is someone who truly seems to enjoy other people’s success.  He has a few main shows.  The first one is YouTube News, where he informs about things happening with YouTube – the site itself, and content creators.  His second main show is What’s Up Wednesday where he talks about a video and a channel that he has found which he highlights.  The third is YouTube Winners and Losers.  This is a show that shows the ups and downs of some of the biggest YouTubers out there.

So I am profiling TheWillofDC because he deserves it.  I just hope that his positivity and heart are contagious.  So check out his channel here.  If you don’t like it, you can simply move on to something else, just don’t spread the hate.

Man Skills with Mr. Bob

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Published on: 17/02/2011

There are some things that every man believes he has superior skills in, and Mr. Bob is no exception.

YouTuber Review: WhatsUpElle

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Published on: 14/02/2011

The YouTuber I am highlighting this time is WhatsUpElleWhatsUpElle does mostly dance/music videos with her own twist.  All of her videos use cloning in new and interesting ways. She pulls off the interactions with her clones extremely well, some of the best I’ve seen. Couple this amazing technical ability with charisma and fun choreography, and you have WhatsUpElle. Check her out, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

In the video I’ve posted below, she does her version of the Taylor Swift song “Back to December”, but everything is in reverse and done in 1 shot. I can’t imagine the patience this would have taken to shoot.

Right now it is only a matter of time before she becomes one of the biggest YouTubers out there.

Tron Games with Mr. Bob

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Published on: 12/02/2011

Compubob figures out a way to transport Mr. Bob into the computer with him. Here, Compubob challenges Mr. Bob to a duel to the death by Tron games.

Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” (Twilight Parody)

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Published on: 02/02/2011

A music video I did with Parker Jakobowhitz starring Isis-Isabella.

Coffee Addicts Need Apply

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Published on: 31/01/2011

Check out the trailer for an upcoming TV show for all of you coffee addicts out there. You know who you are.

Full trailer for Common Grounds TV. Series One airs this spring 2011 at

With the domination of the “Green Giant” in the coffee universe, it has become a necessity for the independents to find new and creative ways to compete with the large corporations for the consumer dollar, or in this case four dollars. This has led to Canada being home to some of the most unique cafes this side of Italy.

Common Grounds TV will take you across this great country in search of the best espresso, cappuccino, desserts, architecture and more as hosts Nik Green and Edan Marshall traverse the country in an Audi A4.

USA vs. Canada

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Published on: 24/01/2011

The truth about the greatest rivalry in North America.

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